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Our "short but impressive" Success Story

Prototype „Mowgli“ is accepted as an excellent scientific and technical benchmarking solution confirmed by the renowned SPEC-RG.

Standard Performance Evaluation Council  Research Group  (SPEC-RG), 2020

Industry cooperation with DaimlerTSS for qualitative analysis of existing distributed databases for a planned Cloud migration, combined with quantitative analysis of performance, scalability and availability.

Cooperation project „Cloud2go“ Ulm University & DaimlerTSS, 2019

Funded for outstanding business plan by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) of Germany and  co-financed by the European Social Fund.  

EXIST Transfer of Research, Phase I 2020

How to find the optimal Cloud Database setting?

Countless Cloud Database combinations appear reasonable for each software project requirements!
Multiple dependent decisions have to be made!

Cloud Provider

Public / Private /Hybrid Cloud 

AWS / MS Azure / Google Cloud / IBM Cloud / OpenStack / …

Or an european provider for improved GDPR?

Database Provider

Data model: SQL / NewSQL / NoSQL

Technologies: PostgreSQL / CockroachDB / Cassandra / MongoDB / …

Architecture: single instance / master-slave / multi-master



YCSB / TPC-C /TSBS / HTAPBench / …

Wide comparability / database-specific benchmarking

Cloud Settings

Resource types: physical / VM / container

Hardware flavours: small / medium / large / specialised

Storage backends: HDD / SSD / remote storage

Database Settings

Database cluster size: 1 / 3 / 5 / …

Replication Factor: 1 / 2 / 3 / …

Consistency Level: weak / medium/ strong

Database-specific runtime settings

Benchmark Settings

Workload distribution: read / write / update

Workload intensity: 1 thread / 100 threads / 10 instances with 1000 threads  / …

Data size: 1 GB / 100 GB / 1TB / …

How to make these important decisions?

They are even strongly related to each other. All research efforts and benchmarks results show significant correlations!
Cloud and Database are always related!

Make thousands of Cloud Database Benchmarks in a few clicks!

Benefit from over 15 years of research and more than 2 years of software development combined in our modern solution.

On-Demand Decision Support

Select database and Cloud resources on our SaaS platform for your IT project, benchmark them, get the results and select the best setting.
Make your decision fast and save "time to market" with our on-demand, fully automated solution.

Individual Benchmarks

Get expressive, reliable and reproducable KPIs for your specific workload characteristics, your preferred database types and your Cloud favorites to make excellent and profound decisions.
All based on thousands of reliable and reproducable benchmark measures.

Save Money and Resources

Reduce your Cloud costs with the optimal settings. Save OPEX .
Use the best fitting database to provide the best possible outcome.
We enable you to use your Cloud resources in the most efficient way.

The Holistic Cloud Database Benchmark






The BaaS-Project

Evolving a research idea into a business plan and getting started

Ulm University Spin-Off

Over 15 years of research in distributed databases and Cloud Computing lead to excellent expertise and significant insights. Now it is time to bring this benefits into industrial employment.

Modern Technologies Need a Modern Solution

Classic IT consulting was yesterday.
Why not build a modern decision support platform for Cloud Database selection, based on profound benchmark results? Yes, that is what we are doing.


Two leading database and cloud research specialists and one experienced business development generalist have found each other. Ready to do what is necessary.

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