IT Start-Up

You are building the Next Big Thing in IoT, Machine Learning or in another data driven technology?
You are an expert and you are aspiring absolut perfection?

We will find you the optimal forward-thinking Cloud Database solution!
We will accelerate your time-to-market with our fast solution delivery!

Software Architect

The growing success of your software product are leading to database bottlenecks?
Or maybe to rapidly increasing cloud costs?
You need a modern Cloud Database solution?

We will find you the fitting Cloud Database solution on-demand or in personal consulting!

IT Consultant

You are an IT consultant for Cloud or DBMS?
You want to deliver the best advisory?

We deliver individual Benchmarks and KPIs that will convince your customers!
We develop a suited solution for IT Professionals!

Holistic Benchmarks

Measuring all relevant KPIs : Performance, Scalability, Availability, Elasticity, Costs

On-Demand Delivery

Constantly available acess to the decision platform with a fully automated result delivery process!

Individual Requirements

READ/WRITE data workloads fully adaptable to your specific situation.

Modern Technologies

Choose from all NoSQL, NewSQL and SQL databases in the actual version, and from all availbale Cloud configurations.

Independent Advice

We deliver independent advice without priveleging any DBMS or Cloud provider. We help you to find the optimal solution.

Leading experts

You can trust in our well-educated and trained team with an impressive research career. Contact us!

Ready to take your Cloud solution to the next level?